Zombie vs. SWAT 2
The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures Episode 13

Title Card

Animated By

Ivander Yuanata

Release Date

January 7, 2014

Making Date

July 5, 2007


Darwin, Anais, Gumball, Tobias

Voiced by

Edd as Darwin
Tom as Anais
Tord as Gumball
Matt as Tobias

Music by

The Supernaturuals- Ghost Town
Altered Beast OCremix
Lunatic Calm- Leave you far behind

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Zombie vs. SWAT 2 is a 2nd part of Zombie vs. SWAT and 13th episode of The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures



In the beginning, Darwin, Penny, and Anais attend Gumball's funeral. After a while, the mr. fitzgerald, penny, and Anais disappear and Darwin is left alone with the grave. He puts Gumball's paintball gun that he used in the first Zombeh Attack, on his grave, and Darwin walks back to his house. Suddenly, lightning strikes Gumball's paintball gun, making Gumball rise from his grave. After Gumball rose from his grave, he walks to Darwin's house. Shocked to find out that it was Gumball calling him, Tord enters Watterson's car forcing Darwin to let him in. Gumball reveals that he needs the help of Gumball to find the necronomicon, and if Darwin didn't help, he would eat his brains. The two both got into Watterson's car, but Gumball sliced one of his legs off by slamming the car door on it. They then travel to Bittensborugh, running over Wauter and Cashier zombie on the way.

Meanwhile, Tobias rises from his grave and goes to a drunk Anais for help. While explaining, Anais throws up on his shoes, and apologizes. When Gumball and Darwin see Tobias and Anais in the streets of Bittensborugh, Gumball accidentally drives the car into a building in an attempt to run Matt over. This breaks the windshield. Realizing that Tobias was after the necronomicon, Gumball wants to beat Tobias to the necronomicon so Darwin suggests a shortcut through an alley. On their way to the necronomicon, Gumball and Darwin come across a hoard of zombies. After engaging in combat for a short moment, they run away from the fight.

Meanwhile, back with Anais and Tobias, a survivor asks for Anais and Tobias's help, Tobias then eats him. Anais gets annoyed and questions what Tobias is doing. Later on, Tobias and Anais arrive at the necronomicon. Tobias is insulted to see three magic books and before he can open one book, Ash from the Evil Dead series steals it from him and opens it, causing his head to explode and sending blood onto Anais's face. Tobias chooses another book but it sucks him in. When Darwin and Gumball arrived, Darwin asked Anais where Tobias went. Meanwhile, Gumball opens the remaining book and says "Ebluherahonnyima". After saying magic words, Gumball getting back into normak. Darwin is sad to see Gumball go. Anais then tells Darwin to get Anais's dolls. The two walk away. Suddenly Tobias's hand punches his way out of the book he was sucked into.


Episode 13 Zombie vs SWAT Part 3 The Necronomicon-0

Episode 13 Zombie vs SWAT Part 3 The Necronomicon-0

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