TomProfile"Holy ______ in a ______!"/ "Kitten Shopping!"
Name: Tom
First Appearance: Prototype: When the Best of the Worst Collide
Final Concept: Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004
Last Appearance: none
Aged: 17
Relatives: Uncle Eddy (uncle, deceased)
Voice Actor: Thomas Ridgewell
Alex Labbe (2004-2005)

Tom Ridgewell is a main character in Eddsworld, who is inspired and voiced by Tom Ridgewell (although voiced in earlier episodes by Alex Labbe, and voiced by Edd in his first appearance).

Tom's character is known for having a blue hooded sweatshirt, no eyes (but vision), he loves kittens, (kitten shopping), large spiky hair (which he called "Steve" in Moving Targets) and a round, spherical head. He is shown to be the smart and funny out of the three main cast members and may be the sanest of the characters in the show. He appears to most of the time wear a bored expression of the time but does sometimes has a more cheerful one.

Tom usually seems rather unfazed by huge troubles and threats, as shown in Space Face (Part 2), when he was standing by some buttons and pressing them, making no actual effort in the slightest to prevent the ship they were aboard from crashing into Earth below. It is revealed in Zanta Claws that Tom dislikes (wants to destroy) Christmas. Tom makes a small appearence in Tord's Adventure