"My name is Sherlock, Detective !"
-Tobias, Case of Gumball
SherlockFull body of Sherlock
Name: Sherlock
First Appearance: Gummy's Teddy
Last Appearance: Hello Hellhoe
Aged: 16 (deceased)
Relatives: RedPlew (ancestor, deceased)
Reddius (ancestor, deceased)
Sir Richard (ancestor, deceased)
Reddison (ancestor, deceased)
Grandpa James (grandfather, deceased)
Granny Jojo (grandmother, deceased)
Richard (father, deceased)
Nicole (mother, deceased)
Tobias (younger brother, retired)
Gumball (younger brother)
Darwin (younger brother)
Anais (younger sister)
Voice Actor: None

Sherlock is a character of The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures. he was Tobias, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais's older brother

Early lifeEdit


Sherlock and Baby Gumball

Sherlock was eldest son of Nicole and Richard. He had a brother, Tobias and Baby Gumball born.

Physical AppearencesEdit

Gummy's TeddyEdit

Tobias telling Gumball is born, Gumball is in trouble, Gumball was rethorn in his mother's inside.

Hello HellhoeEdit


Sherlock's Signature

Tobias holding a DVD calling "Return of the Insane Zombie Pirates from Hell III" and Tobias throwing a DVD to Darwin holding a DVD in front of him.