Gumball's Tales of Awesome
The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures Episode 2


Animated By

Ivander Yuanata

Release Date

November 2, 2013

Making Date

May 6, 2006



Voiced By

Thomas Ridgewell as Gumball
Edd Gould as Darwin

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Tobias's Adventure

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Gumball's Tales of Awesome is a 2nd episode of The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures



Tom making a story of Gumball



Tom narrates the intro, talking about the history of Gumball and Darwin's partnership, then introduces the episode.

Red ButtonEdit

The opening scene shows Gumball standing by a red button, he deduces that no repercussions will occur from pressing it and does so. Nothing happens there, and he walks away whistling. The scene then shifts to Canada, where a Mountie is talking about how much he wants to ride his moose, then his head suddenly disappears.

Body Disappears

EP2a Case

Location: Canada
Victim: Canadian Guy
Cause of death: Face disappears


While Gumball is walking around he is stopped by a giant Irish Lemon. He refuses to let him pass because "he is an arsehole." Gumball responds by shoving the lemon off a cliff, sending the latter into a giant juicer.


EP2b Case

Location: Unknown
Victim: Lemon
Cause of death: Blended
Culprit: Gumball and Blender

Then Gumball decides to jump in the juicer, slicing himself and mixing his blood with the lemon juice resulting in an orange mix.


EP2c Case

Location: Unknown
Victim: Gumball
Cause of death: Blended
Culprit: Blender


Gumball finds a magic penny, which tells him to make some wishes, prompting Gumball to ask for infinite wishes. This confuses the penny who self-destructs, causing a massive explosion. Gumball, however, seems unfazed by this, and continues walking as he was before.

Attempted Murder

EP2d Case

Location: Unknown
Victim: Gumball and Penny


The scene changes to Gumball who seems to have his mind blown by a chair. He calls a man (looks similar to Gumball with a moustache) over to admire the chair. A few seconds later, Gumball gets bored, and Gumball suggests that they should play Tetris, exciting Tom again, who runs offscreen; he eventually gets distracted by a lamp.


Gumball is then seen hanging of the edge of a cliff, about to fall. Suddenly, Super Man arrives and starts to state obvious facts to Tom, such as "You are hanging onto a ledge." He continues until Gumball gets frustrated and sarcastically shouts "Oh well, thank you, Super Man!" The captain reveals that was all he wanted to hear, and flies away without helping Gumball. Later, a tiny man known as Little Super arrives. A frustrated Gumball replies, "Oh, you know what? Just... screw this." and lets go of the ledge, falling to his death.


EP2e Case

Location: Cliff
Victim: Gumball
Cause of death: Fell from the cliff


Episode 2 Gumball's Tales of Awesome

Episode 2 Gumball's Tales of Awesome

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