Fun Dead
Release date February 2014
Animated by Ivander Yuanata
Written by Thomas Ridgewell
Co-Written by Thomas Ridgewell
Voiced by Tim Hautekiet as Gumball
Robert Benfer as Darwin
Anthony Padilla as Anais
Musician Yoav Landau
Todd Bryanton
Sound Designer Dan Pugsley
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Mirror Mirror

Fun Dead is the next episode of Band Adventures, planned to be released a couple of days after February 14th. This is a second part of The Snogre.

Development Edit

The name "Fun Dead" was chosen by Ivander Yuanata from several entries posted by Cartoon Network fans on Facebook and Twitter. This marks the first time in the Cartoon Network community where the fans had a chance to come up with a name for an Episode.

On November 9, 2013, he always creating his best page with a trailer.

Plot Edit

The story will involve Gumball, Darwin, and Anais fighting against a new horde of zombies in an amusement park called asdfland.

The zombies were created by nuclear waste in the end of the chronologically previous episode, "The Snogre."

Cast Edit

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