Faster than Speeding Bullet
The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures Episode 5
Episode 5 Faster than Speeding Bullet

Episode 5 Faster than Speeding Bullet

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Animated By

Ivander Yuanata

Release Date

November 9, 2013

Making Date

December 6, 2006


Tobias, Gumball, Darwin


This One Goes Out To... by Streetlight Manifesto

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Faster than Speeding Bullet is a 5th episode of The Amazing World of Gumball Band Adventures



Gumball chased by Tobias with a bullet from gun


Gumball is walking down the street, when he sees Tobias aiming a Desert Eagle at him.


EP5a Case

Location: Unknown
Victim: Gumball
Suspects: Bullet
Culprit: Tobias

Tobias fires and the bullet chases Gumball down the street, Gumball turns around the corner but the bullet does too and continues to chase Gumball. It speeds past Darwin and Gumball with his hair styled like Anais. The bullet suddenly realizes and turns around to chase Gumball. It then continues to chase Gumball until Tobias gets bored and uppercuts Gumball with his gun, sending him flying. The bullet then hits Tobias in the arm, he bites his lip in pain.

Attempted Suicide

EP5b Case

Location: Unknown
Victim: Tobias
Culprit: Bullet
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