Crystal Pepsi
Edd and Tom Episode 2
Edd and Tom Episode 2 Crystal Pepsi

Edd and Tom Episode 2 Crystal Pepsi

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Animated By

Ivander Yuanata

Release Date

November 18, 2013


Edd, Tom

Voiced By

Robert Benfer as Tom
Tim Hautekiet as Edd

Audio from

Game Grumps Animated - Crystal Pepsi

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Crystal Pepsi is a second episode of Edd and Tom


Main CharactersEdit


Edd stop Tom for kissing


Edd bored to Tom. Edd don't know a Crystal Pepsi. Tom telling Edd to get some Crystal Pepsi. Edd did'ny know how to get Crystal Pepsi. Somethingly, Tom does put the nose in here. Tom telling Edd to kiss Edd. Edd don't know. Edd does in puppet and holding a Pepsi. Tom really sad to Edd was disappointed. Tom running with crying. Edd knock the door. Tom open the door. Edd telling no Crystal Pepsi. Edd and Tom happy

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