For the article about the real life figure, see Edd Gould.
EddProfile"It's pretty swell!"
Name: Edd
First Appearance: Stick figure: Edd (2003)
Prototype: "Edd Again"
Final concept: "Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004"
Last Appearance: None
Aged: 23
Relatives: Ms. Gould (mother, mentioned, deceased)
Voice Actor: Edd Gould (2004 - 2012)
Tim Hautekiet (2012 - present)

Chris O' Neil (voice changer)

Edd Gould is one of the three main characters in Eddsworld, along side Tom and Matt. From 2004 to 2012, Edd was voiced by his real-life counterpart Edd Gould, until Tim Hautekiet took over the role after Gould never wanna be a voice actor.