"Not the Face!"
AnaisFull body of Anais
Name: Anais
First Appearance: "Zombie Nation Part 2"
Aged: 4 (deceased in others)
Relatives: RedPlew (ancestor, deceased)
Reddius (ancestor, deceased)
Sir Richard (ancestor, deceased)
Reddison (ancestor, deceased)
Grandpa James (grandfather, deceased)
Granny Jojo (grandmother, deceased)
Richard (father, deceased)
Nicole (mother, deceased)
Sherlock (older brother, deceased)
Tobias (older brother, retired)
Gumball (older brother)
Darwin (older brother)
Voice Actor: Matt Hargreaves (2006-2012)
Anthony Padilla (2012-present)
Tom Ridgewell (Band Adventures Competition)
Ken Ashcorp (possesed by the ghost)

Anais Watterson is a main character in Band Adventures. She was fifth daughter of Richard & Nicole

Physical Appearance Edit

Anais is a Sherlock, Tobias, Gumball, Darwin's little sister.

Personality Edit

Anais is shown to be unintelligent throughout the show. He tends to use words that create the impression that he is smart, but he probably doesn't know what they really mean. He is also incredibly narcissistic, caring only about his looks. As seen in the game Quest for Bacon he may really like bacon. In Fan Service, it shows Anais being "fatally allergic to dogs", even to the point of killing him. This was likely a joke, however, because in the credits it states Anais "isn't really allergic to dogs".

Alternative FormsEdit

Throughout the series Matt has many different forms and disguises.

Vampire AnaisEdit

Vampire Anais has only appeared in Anais Sucks so far. On Halloween he was bit by a rude vampire and turned into one. Later he tries to suck Gumball and Tom's blood but is too late because they killed themselves on accident. He later accidently kills himself after stepping into the sunlight.

List of DeathsEdit





  • Bitten by a vampire, later stepped into the sunlight as a vampire - Anais Sucks


  • Has an allergy attack when Tom brings a dog into the house, dies after. His gravestone reads "I hate you guys". in Fan Service


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